King’s Bay Resort is located in Champlain, NY (About an hour from Montreal and 25 minutes before Plattsburgh). The site is facing Lake Champlain with a 2000 foot long sand beach. It is an high class resort where we rent lots (With electricity, running water and sewers) for caravans, mobile houses, campers, etc.

We offer different services as:

-Outdoor waterfall pool

-2000 foot clean sand beach

-Docks rentals that can accomodate 25 foot boats or less

-Kayak and canoe rentals

-Beach cabana rentals

-Fire place wood and ice are avaible on site


-Sanitary facility (Laundry, restroom and shower)

-A small fast food snack bar, gym and more will be coming soon…
For any other questions about the prices, the package offered or any other information go to the contact us link.